On Not Working

Here’s a gallery of stuff I did instead of working while at work over the summer.

To begin, I saw this window nearly every day and wondered just what that little piece of paper actually said. That larger building is also part of where I worked. To be honest, the premises covered about half of a really long road and beyond out the back. Moreover, I often wondered if I could even find the window.

IMG_20160719_094355Find the window I did, however, as evidenced by this shot of me pointing at where I’d been when I took the previous shot.

IMG_20160719_094714And of course, the prize itself.

IMG_20160719_094637“Causing a nuisance” is probably the best thing about this, but I also really like the phrasing. “Getting in” would have been more appropriate. “Entering the building” makes it sound like the pigeons have far more decision-making capability than they actually do.

Actually, forget that. The real best part of it is the evidence.

IMG_20160719_094640What, you didn’t believe us? Well, we killed and stripped a pigeon just in case.

Next, some casual devil praise.


Sometimes, there’s things I see that I literally cannot help but mentally edit. Here is such.

IMG_20160728_115419In this case, I felt compelled to physically edit.

IMG_20160728_115507The improvement is obvious and immediate.

Lastly, I got tired of seeing the names of retirees on my office door every day. Phyll and Mav are long gone and no entryway plaque can do justice to their memory.

IMG_20160728_112431So I invented some new lads.

IMG_20160728_112600Sadly this mischief bug caught me quite late in the summer (effectively replacing my sanity as the months wore on) so I haven’t more to show for it. I doubt my next few months will see as much opportunity for messing so that’s the lot for now. Slong.

Gems From The Blue Book and Beyond

Gems From The Blue Book and Beyond

Back when I re-uploaded Gems From The Black Folder I promised a sequel, didn’t I? Well, not long after The Black Folder was retired, an all-purpose Blue Book was employed by yours truly to act as canvas for some of my greatest work. Instead, I mostly wrote really boring lists that I don’t even understand anymore and tore out a lot of pages for reasons I cannot recall. Still, there’s some goodness in there, so the time to get it online has come. Because it’s about a tenth of the depth of its Ebon Progenitor (that doesn’t mean what I think it means), I’ve padded the gallery out with other doodles, sketches and scribblings by anyone who was kind enough to not know I was scanning and publishing them on the Internet. Cast down your eyes, ye men and women, and accept into ye my art devine.

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Gallery The Third

Another batch of orphaned photos on my hard drive, so lookit:

Another Gallery

Here is another one. It is good and it seems people and the world they live in are silly things.

A Gallery

Some great (and some less than great images) I’ve encountered lately, or even as far back as way long ago. First off, this wins the prize for best Facebook comment written by a human ever:


Keeping with the wrestling theme, here’s a sign courtesy of an idiot:


Actually, I suck. That’s the work of a master of composition, scale and simplicity. Where anyone else would maybe have thrown a ‘McMahon’ on there, anonymous pause-face just leaves it at ‘Vince’. Maybe that’s the whole point. Maybe the idea is that Taker can bary whichever the fuck Vince he wants.

Next, the wonder of specificity:


Note that I climbed those 162 steps in favour of sharing a lift with a sweating, smoking (and thus law-breaking) Liverpudlian and it damn near killed me.

Time for some Poundland Toys Brilliance, methinks:


Road Big. ROAD BIG.

I took this shot but never uploaded it, but it is dead dead clever and now that I look back at it you can see the cobwebs, so it was alllll worthwhile:


Geddit?! I am best.

Here’s my buddy White Cat:


Another Poundland masterpiece:


It warms my heart that the 90’s live on upon the shelves at Asda:


Warms my cockles and tickles my frockles, even. Getting back to wrestling for a spell, here are presented WWE champ CM Punk and The Green Ranger because I can:


And lets end things on a related note and calling back to my joy from last week at the return of Fit Finlay with a shot of Fit Finlay in a tracksuit with a mustache on a horse holding a rifle:


Gems From The Black Folder

Gems From The Black Folder

***Update – This article’s sequel, Gems From The Blue Book And Beyond, is now available for viewing***

I have this great big black folder fulla junk, scrawled and scribbled and sketched, from when I was at school and a couple of jobs. Basically, it’s a great big stack of pictures, most of which were knocked out in as quick a manner as possible. Some of the pictures are by others and are credited as such. This page is a pretty solid insight into my sense of humour, too, so if you want to sell a script to BBC3 under my name a) rip this type of stuff off and b) fuck you buddy. Oh, and obviously if you click the images you can see them at a more appropriate size.

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