So very tired of the news? Watch these up and I’ll try to keep the spoilers to a minimum.

Mr Robot (Sam Esmail) – I don’t want to spoil it for you because it’s a good watch, but after about an episode or two of the first season you’ll be like, oh, that movie… aaah… and that’s not to take away any of the great narrative of how it’s run. It is satisfying… so I thought it would be complete at that. Somehow felt it would be hard to make that universe last, but he has, and well. The second season (two more well-titled eps to go) is great. It’s a lovely conversation on loneliness versus solitude for Rami Malek’s character, and learning to deal with some whack superego shit and the consequences of Season One, whilst beginning ‘stage two’ for everyone involved. Great female lead development too, none of this one-dimensional shite here, it’s all 3d, 4d and 5d people. At its heart is a bunch of great socialist ideals, hactivism being the main one, all from a good writer/director too. His movie Comet is a must. One of the craziest romance movies of the century so far, fucking loved it. Not as harsh as its peer by Gaspar Noe, Love, but not as weak as last year’s Touched By Fire – probably on a power with Her. But yeah, a great fella of a show. Nice to see yer man with the cap on screen again too.


Penny Dreadful (John Logan) – Utterly poetic, this is fucking class. Everything about it is beautiful. It becomes a bit of a drag in the midst of the second season, but the abrupt ending of the third is beautiful. Strong characters throughout, and I have to say Eva Green is amazing. Her character is a kickass motherfucking great lead. Oh, and big up props to Rory Kinnear’s character, amazing fella him too. The craft here is the weaving of so many characters (and you’ll see what i mean by ‘characters’ when you watch it) but wow. At the higher end of character-narrative storytelling mulch. Loved this… that last speech with bits spliced together from thon Wordsworth poem, just wow…


Stranger Things (Duffer Brothers) – Holy fuck. This is a must watch. EVERYONE!! The utter nostalgia in this is a marvel. Throwback to the eighties with reference to no less than everything ever done in the eighties, from It to E.T.. And what about that performance from Winona Ryder which charts the chaos of loss so well?  Jumpscares come as an added bonus and not a main draw – ‘lights out’, I’m looking at you. It hums a great soundtrack too. C’mon Season 2. Makes you want to watch all of Stephen King’s output, Donnie Darko and Pan’s Labyrinth over and over in a meta-retro-nostalgia loop… oh here, the brothers Duffer have a movie too, Hidden – class wee twist in what you think is a slow alt-take on The Road.


Narcos (a seemingly revolving leadership door) – Season One is a must. Insane story of yer man with the plan to move cocaine about the place. And him who only smokes dope… makes y’wonder which is the more deadly drug. Narrative uses the traditional ‘magical realism’ essence of storytelling from Latin America; something to the effect that truth is always stranger than fiction (when a little fiction is thrown in). Season two, and there’s a couple more to go at time of bip bip bip, but yeah, is more of a cat and mouse history lesson with fictional dollops to flesh out what could never be known. But who doesn’t want to see the Keyser Soze of Columbia make good his escape to yet another fucking mahoosive villa? An odd narrative on family, I thought. The bad guy is so over-protective, the narrator more sacrificing of his… a strange analogy to draw amid so much blood. Eh, is what it is. A lion you should be proud to hunt.

Wish Banshee and Hannibal had more to be at, but I’m looking forward to Westworld, Brave New World and the return of The Walking Dead. Dunno how I managed to save myself from any spoilers of that cliffhanger. Oh, can they make any more Elementary? Please say yes. Girls and Love can hurry the fuck up too. But here, I’m not too taken with Preacher bar the craic from Cassidy. I just felt it was a little rushed out to make a quick buck for Rogen. So, yes, I can be toult for that.

But yeah. All in all, good oul opiate for the masses going on, for some reason?

Cue Homer’s cable kiss…


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